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Sunset Harvest Farms
John Denis
Lula Bre’s Sweet Eats
Melissa Pauley-Geimer
I Say it With Café
Ida Gonzalez
Macro Val
Valerie Wilson
Soap and Stuff
Mary Ramsden
Jennie’s Pierogies
Monique Anderson
Simply Gourmet Fresh
Glen Brittingham
MI Knife Guy
Jeff Zyck
Barbie’s Busy Box
Barbara Leese
MSU Extension
Jacuelynne Powell
Sweet Creations by Michele
Michele Flowers
Patricia Ducher
Unicorn Funck Aromatherapy
Natalie Greenshields
Steve’s Gourmet Cheese
Steve Luedders
DeWulf Farms
Mike DeWulf
Tartan Candle Company
Julie & Roy Sutherland
Dawn Kmet  Scottish Bee Honey
Tish Branham
Rose Best
Zehra Kapasi
Face Flair
Kim Torres
Go Anna Paper Products
Beth Chismark
Vera’s Kuntry Bakery
Vera Merle
C & E Designs
Carol Jahncke
Comfort and Joy
Cheryl Maison
Heavenly Hot Dogs
Tommy Ruark
Moore Farms
Glenda Moore
Krafts by Kathy, LLC
Kathy Dennis
Jewelry by Design
Susanne Patterson