Eating Local

Shopping at your local farmers market is a great opportunity to eat fresh, flavorful, and nutritious local produce, meet new friends and support your local economy!




Freshness: Produce directly from your local farmers is simply fresher than what you can buy at big grocery stores, much of which has to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to get to supermarket shelves. The fresher your food is, the better it will taste and the better it will be for you! Fresh fruits and vegetables quickly lose much of their nutritional value after they’re picked, so the fresher and more local it is, the better.


Environment: Local produce doesn’t have to travel far, so less pollution is created in transporting it, helping keep your air and water clean!


Community: Farmers markets are a great opportunity to make human connections, actually meet the people who are growing, raising, or baking your food, something no supermarket can offer. Farmers markets also strengthen the whole of a local community. They’re great places to meet your neighbors, take your kids, or even just sit and take in the sights.


Money: Shopping locally at your farmers market keeps your money local. It benefits local farmers, bakers, artisans and other local businesses.  When your money stays local, it’s your friends, family, neighbors and community who benefit most.


Try it out, it’s good for you and your community! Come make new friends,  get some great deals on tasty produce, and enjoy your local Westland farmers market every Thursday from 3pm-7pm!